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Yacht Maintenance Program

AW Yacht Services is very proud to offer weekly monitoring your of yacht where she is moored on the lower mainland.

We will maintain your yacht and it's security when your away. You will be able to sleep at night, knowing that a trained professional with years of experience is looking after her. This provides a visual inspection of your yacht ensuring it's safety and condition.
We will notify you of any potential concerns right away by phone, and give you our yacht report card every month.

You will be assured that when you untie the lines, she will be ready for a great cruise and arrive at your destination safely.

Our Maintenance Program Includes...

  • Running the engines and generators (as required)
  • Ensuring the bilge pumps are in working order, checking all the float switches.
  • Inspection of the through hull fittings (on/off as required) for corrosion or weeping.
  • Inspection all the ships batteries are fully charged and the terminals are clean.
  • Inspection of all cabins, engine room, compartments, lockers and cabinets. 
  • Inspecting all windows, portholes and hatches for leaks and mold.
  • Flushing the heads.
  • Flushing out Watermaker.
  •  Inspect fridge's & freezers, and coolers.
  • Check heaters, dryers and other devices (cords & plugs) for excessive warming.
  • Securing all canvas's bimini's and inspecting for wear and tear.
  • Checking dock lines and fenders, dock connections (electrical & water)
  • Weather watching inspecting and securing for storms and snow.
  • Yacht Wash-down every month.

 Our Maintenance Program Fees...

 Billed monthly 

Month to month
One year contract

 Quoted in Canadian Funds, Taxes Extra

We can put together a Custom Maintenance Program for you by adding our other Services we offer.

AW Yacht Services looks forward to hearing what we can do for you to give you piece of mind in your the caring of your yacht and where she is moored.

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